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Vegan Chinese Tomato & Egg Stir-Fry

If you love omelettes you'll love this traditional Chinese dish. Such a simple dish yet very flavorful and delicious. Pair with some rice for the perfect meal.

Growing up in a Chinese-American household my family would always sit down for home cooked family style Chinese food. One dish that w…

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Beefy Mushroom Instant Pot Jook/Congee

Jook or Congee can be made many different ways from plain to meaty. This recipe adds tons of flavor and added protein for a delicious comfort meal. Perfect comfort meal for winter or any time of year.

Jook used to be something my mom would make for us when we weren't feeling well so for me it…

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Meaty Wonton Noodle Soup - Vegan & Gluten Free!

These meaty wontons will shock you because they taste like the real thing! We use Beyond meat to make them beefy and rice sheets for a gluten free skin. A perfect comfort food for when you're feeling under the weather or when it's cold outside.

I used to watch my mom make wonton soup growing …

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Authentic Chinese Stuffed Zucchini

These stuffed zucchini boats are perfectly low carb and full of protein and nutrients. They're also delicious and meaty. You'll be surprised they're vegan!

Growing up my parents almost always cooked family style Chinese food for dinner. This is one dish that was on the rotation. I almost forg…

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Authentic Chinese Corn Egg Drop Soup

This traditional Cantonese soup is filled with sweet corn and egg. You'll be amazed that this recipe is actually vegan. We veganized it using Just Egg and our No Egg Seasoning. There's so many incredible vegan alternatives these days so you don't have to miss any of your favorite foods again!

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Vegan Joong Chinese Tamales Zongzi

Joong also known as Zongzi or Chinese tamales is a traditional meal eaten during the dragon boat festival. These are so delicious you don't have to wait for the dragon boat festival to enjoy these tasty sticky rice dumplings.

This is one Cantonese dish I loved eating growing up. There are…

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Cantonese Fried Tofish With Cream Corn Sauce

This authentic Cantonese dish is a family favorite in our home. It's so comforting and perfect to share with the whole family. Perfectly fried and smothered in sweet cream corn sauce.

My mom is Cantonese so whenever we would go out to eat at Chinese restaurants we always dabble in the Cantone…

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Dim Sum: Beefy Cheung Fun Rolls [Vegan/GF]

Wish you could eat Dim Sum at home? Now you can with this amazingly vegan beefy cheung fun recipe. Never be deprived of delicious Dim Sum ever again especially after going vegan. With ground beef alternatives like Beyond Beef you can make almost anything vegan.

You'll need a few things fo…

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Cheung Fun Rice Rolls

Cheung Fun can be transformed into a variety of meals. Ranging from Cheung Fun rolls to Chow Fun noodles. You can buy store bought ones but they're always hard and compact it's hard to work with them or they end up falling into pieces. Never use store bought again and start enjoying fresh Cheung…

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Vegan Chinese Steamed Egg

Have you ever tried steamed egg before? Let me tell you this was one of my favorite dishes growing up. This is a traditional Chinese dish that can be prepared many different ways but I'm going to share with you how my mom from Canton China used to cook it for my family growing up.

In my later…

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Chinese Beefy Sauce Over Rice Noodles

This beefy saucy dish is so delicious and packed with tons of flavor! If you've ever grown up eating something similar it will bring back the memories. I never thought I'd be able to eat this meal again going vegan but with beyond meat products and our new No Beef Bouillon you can make anything …

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Classic Chow Mein

My parents used to make chow mein with spaghetti noodles so I've recreated their recipe to be vegan and gluten free. Now you can make delicious chow mein any day of the week; it's that simple!

Click to download the recipe sheet!


Watch our YouTube video where we show you how to ma…

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Authentic Chinese Vegan Jook

Whenever I don't feel too well or if I want to warm my belly I make Jook aka Congee or rice porridge. This recipe will satisfy that Chinese comfort food craving.

Click here to download the recipe sheet!

Watch the YouTube video where I show you exactly how to make this delicious jook:

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Authentic Chinese Fried Rice

This fried rice recipe is so good it's better than take out! I'll share with you a family secret to get perfect fried rice every time. This recipe uses our tofu scramble recipe in it.


Download Full Recipe Sheet Here


Watch the YouTube video to learn how to make this dish!

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