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Cantonese Vegan Beefy Mushroom Shumai/Shao Mai

A dim sum classic shao mai or shu mai are delicious little steamed dumplings. These are shockingly vegan and gluten free. My Cantonese mom was absolutely amazed by this recipe and so will you!

Shao Mais are definitely a dim sum favorite. Ok, I feel like I say that about every dim sum dish I'v…

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Dim Sum: Pan Fried Chive Dumplings

These pan fried chive dumplings are a dim sum favorite. This recipe is completely vegan and gluten free so they can be enjoyed by all. These dumplings have been steamed and pan fried to perfection.

Whenever I would go to dim sum with my family these dumplings always made it to our table. Trad…

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