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Hearty Vegan Breakfast Burritos (Gluten-Free)

These ultimate breakfast burritos are stuffed with tofu scramble, tater tots, sausage links and cheese. They're air fried leaving the burritos perfectly crispy and melted cheese on the insides. Super hearty comforting they'll leave you full and satisfied.

If you're gluten free you know the st…

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Improved Amazing Vegan French Toast (You gotta try it!)

Our first French Toast recipe was okay but it didn't have that same texture traditional French Toast gave. We've tweaked our recipe and have an incredible new recipe to share! This French Toast recipe tastes just like the real thing!

So our first French Toast recipe we used just plant based m…

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No Egg Vegan French Toast

Crunchy, soggy, eggy, flavourful, this vegan french toast is not only delicious but quick to make especially because it uses my No Egg Seasoning!

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Vegan Egg Salad

This vegan egg salad will fill you up with so much plant based proteins. With that sulfur egg flavor using my Tofu Scramble recipe!

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Watch the YouTube video to see exactly how to make this delicious dish:

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