No Egg Salad - NEW Healthier & Tastier Recipe!

No Egg Salad - NEW Healthier & Tastier Recipe!

One of our most popular recipes is our vegan egg salad. We already have 2 of them one using a tofu scramble and another one using small cubes of tofu (recipe in our free cookbook).

We made these recipes years ago and we've made some changes over the years to make it even tastier and healthier! I know, it doesn't get any better than this ;D

To make this recipe healthier we used plain unsweetened plant based yogurt instead of full vegenaise. We use 3 Tbs of vegenaise and 2 Tbs of yogurt so if you want feel free to adjust the ratio either way to your preference.

To give this recipe that amazing egg flavor we used No Egg Seasoning it tastes just like egg just without the egg of course! We used 1 1/2 tsp of seasoning but if you prefer a stronger egg flavor feel free to add more.

This egg salad will fill that egg salad craving and you won't have to feel guilty about eating it. Contains a lot less calories than traditional. Enjoy it many ways: on lettuce boats, cucumbers, crackers, toast, in a sandwich, a wrap or even a salad.

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Where can I get No Egg Seasoning, or what can I substitute it with. SO glad I found your site!



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