One of the reasons we went vegan was for the animals. We didn't stop eating animals because we didn't like the taste of it so we set out to recreate those classic flavors you know and love. Through our research we found that the classic flavors actually came from the seasonings!

With our seasonings we want to help you stay vegan by providing you with all the flavors you might crave. Connect with family and friends over those same dishes you once shared together.

We want to do good in the world. Not only do we want to help you eat healthier but we also want to help the planet and the animals. We believe that animals can live a happy life and live out their natural lifespan without any pain or suffering. With your help we can help more animals in need.

Meet Simon!

In celebration of our newest product No Beef Bouillon we decided to sponsor a cow. Meet Simon from Charlie's Acres an animal sanctuary located in Sonoma, CA. Simon was sold to a petting zoo from a dairy farm and was rescued when someone noticed he was sick. They convinced the petting zoo owner to release him into the care of Charlie's Acres where he now lives a happy life with his bovine family.