Vegan Chicken Cup of Noodles

Vegan Chicken Cup of Noodles

Make your own instant noodles with this quick and easy recipe. Perfect for meal prepping, meals on the go, snacks and lazy meals. This recipe uses our No Chick Bouillon so it tastes just like chicken!

I'm not gonna lie I've been craving cup of noodles for so long. Being vegan and gluten free it's hard to find good options so I had to create my own version. This is a way healthier as well because we use Lotus Foods Rice Ramen Noodles and our No Chick Bouillon which contains all natural ingredients.

You can add any additional ingredients to this like tofu, broccoli, vegan chicken strips, soy curls or anything your heart desires. I decided to keep this recipe as true to the cup of noodles as possible because I was craving that nostalgic meal. You can also put this into a bowl for easier eating. You can also cook the noodles first if you prefer.

If you don't have our No Chick Bouillon you can replace with other bouillon or use 2 cups veggie broth. Is recipe is for 1 servings so multiply by how many you want to make. I also made this in a 16 oz wide mouth mason jars.


  • 1 Lotus Foods Rice Ramen Noodles
  • 2 cups Boiling Water
  • 2 tsp No Chick Bouillon
  • 2 Tbs Mixed Veggies (frozen)


  • Add 1 ramen noodle to mason jar
  • Add No Chick Bouillon and mixed veggies to the jar
  • Pour 2 cups of boiling water into the jars
  • Be careful handling the jars as they will be hot use oven mitts
  • Put the lids onto the jars and let stand for 5 min
  • If you prefer your noodles softer place in the microwave without lids for 1 min 30 sec
  • Loose the noodles and enjoy!


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